Lavender, like any spice, has versatile uses in meats, soaps, perfumes, and even sweets! I used to infuse lavender in chocolate chip cookies for my friends in college during the holidays. In my recipe, I used the flower’s soft and delicate flavor to complement a light and fluffy no-bake cheesecake. So I mixed a couple pinches of lavender buds into a graham cracker crust, whipped up a marshmallow and cream cheese filling, and topped it with some colorful fruits. You’ll have a fluffy, fruity, and flowery dessert all in one!

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I LOVE lavender. Like, LOVE.  I LOVE to eat too, so I thought, why not combine a couple of my favorites and see what happens. Normally when I use lavender I use it in a sugar body scrub or a lavender oil spray  but today I felt ambitious and decided to experiment using lavender in meat. Who would’ve thought of lavender in a savory dish let alone a meat dish.  I wasn’t  sure how I’d  feel about it but I had to try and what came to be was a curious but delightful flavor .




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